Professional Sludge reduction pellets 5 LB.
Product Code: 110-sludge
Professional Sludge reduction pellets 5 LB.
Now you can control the organic material in your pond or around your boat dock or beach area. These simple to use pellets are broadcast over the surface and fall to the bottom. They will eat and decompose the sludge and organic matter resulting in cleaner ponds. If there is less sludge for weeds and algae to grow in there will be less growth. Use over the whole pond regularly to avoid costly clean out with big machinery.------ 5 lbs. $ 65.00, 10 lbs. $ 135.00, 25 lbs. $ 265.00, 50 lbs. $ 410.00--------------------
Sludge reduction Pellets 5 lb.
Sludge reduction Pellets 10 lb. (Add $70.00)
Sludge reduction Pellets 25 lb. (Add $200.00)
Sludge reduction Pellets 50 lb. (Add $345.00)
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